7M CPS Delete Kit

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The ultimate solution for your stock to high power 7M. This motor is plagued with issues caused by the factory CPS, such as misfire at idle, high rpm break-up and poor timing control. Converting to a Fornari Racing delete kit will solve all of those issues reliably.

UPDATE 5/14/2020

We no longer will be selling an intake side bracket.

This kit requires a Standalone ECU and ATI Damper.

We do not recommend this Kit for use with AEM V1 or V2


36-1 Trigger Wheel

Crank Trigger Bracket

Crank Sensor (Flying Lead)

Cam Gear Modification

Cam Sensor Bracket

Cam Sensor (Flying Lead)


Note: If Cam Gear needs modification you must send it in and it will be shipped back with the rest of the kit!!!


Install Instruction Link : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L8Bw5xdFpzWO-i7unr_FDVJW-WWPkLd5fpbWneoFq3s/edit?usp=sharing

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4 reviews for 7M CPS Delete Kit

  1. Nicholas Frederickson

    Bought this kit to replace my Driftmotion Digital CPS V2 (heatsoak issues). I’ve got over 4,000 miles on it with no complaints!

  2. William Macy

    Bought this product a while ago and long story short we are lucky to have someone like Dominic that makes amazing parts for our cars! 69/10 would recommend!

  3. Zubir

    Very easy to install, works great and uses standard Cherry sensors. Timing is rock solid, no subtle jitter like the CPS had. This kit is an awesome value compared to making it yourself

  4. Sam

    An absolute must buy for any 7M with a standalone ECU. Timing is rock solid compared to stock cps and digi cps. Not even expensive compared to a DIY setup, its a great product

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